means [ minz ] (plural means) noun ***
1. ) count a method for doing or achieving something: WAY:
Information is not easily obtained by any other means.
an effective means for finding qualified job applicants
means of: What means of transportation is she using?
no means of doing something: We had no means of warning them.
the means by which: Testing is still the usual means by which students' progress is measured.
2. ) plural FORMAL the amount of money or the property, income, etc. that someone has:
have the means (to do something): Small businesses don't have the means to develop a sophisticated Internet presence.
beyond/within your means (=too expensive or not too expensive for you): Many medical expenses are beyond the means of poorer families.
according to someone's means: You are invited to contribute according to your means.
a man/woman of means (=with a lot of money): He had the well-dressed appearance of a man of means.
by all means SPOKEN
used for politely agreeing with someone, giving permission, or saying yes :
Do you mind if I invite a few friends? By all means.
by no means/not by any means
used as a way of emphasizing a negative statement:
It was by no means excellent, but still better than last year.
I wouldn't say I was an expert, not by any means.
fair means or foul
all possible methods, even unfair or dishonest ones
means to an end
a way of getting or achieving something you want:
Information management must be regarded as a means to an end.
means of production
factories, equipment, and materials used to produce goods

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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